Five Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Flowers

Five Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Flowers

Who doesn’t appreciate the beautiful, colorful and scented flowers? Their presence uplifts the mood and their appearance is very pleasing to the eyes. Flowers are the harbinger of the happiness and optimism. We have all grown up surrounded by the flowers but we know very little about them. Our earth is home to uncountable diverse species and alone plants have thousands of varieties. Many plants produce the flowers. Flowers contain the reproductive organs of the plants and they function to produce the seeds which when dispersed keeps that species of that plant alive. Let’s know some more interesting facts about flowers by Hollywood Flower Delivery:

  1. Tulips were highly priced a few centuries back – Among all the flowers, tulips were known to have the highest demand in a few centuries back. The colorful tulips were in so much demand that they were priced as high as gold. Netherlands and Holland were the famous producers of the tulips. Another interesting fact about Tulips is that they can replace the onions in the cooking.

  2. Reviving of a flowering plant – Let’s admit it that science is amazing. Read this, scientist revived a flowering plant from a fruit trapped inside the stomach of a squirrel which was found in the ice 32,000 years ago. Another amazing thing is related to moon-flower. Most of the flowers bloom in the daylight but the beautiful moon-flower bloom in the light of the moon. Hence the name was given to the flower.

  3. The power of the resurrection of Lotus and synchronization in the species of bamboo – Lotus a beautiful flower which grows in water and mushy wetlands can remain dormant for many years during drought but once the supply of water is normal again they can grow up beautifully again. This may be the reason why Egyptian used them in burial rituals, to keep the dead person alive between them.

Rarely few people know about the flowers of the bamboo. The plants of one bamboo species produce the flowers at the same time. These plants are also known to absorb the highest amount of carbon dioxide. So it acts as an air purifier.

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  1. Heliotrope sunflower and unique Agave – The head of the sunflower tracks the movement of the sun. Each flower of sunflower consists of many small flowers called as florets. Their seeds are crushed and used as a source of energy in the form of sunflower oil. The Agave plant on the other hand is known to be a “century plant” because it can keep on flourishing without growing any flower and just before dying; it grows one flower and then dies.

  2. Gas plant/burning bush and Rose hips – Gas plant has leathery leaves and its flowers emit a lemon scented colorless gas which in the summers are believed to be ignited and Rose hips which are a berry-like structure of rose is one of the greatest sources of vitamin c. It is used in many food items. Rosehips oil is used as anti-aging oil in the cosmetic industry. Amazing isn’t it!

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