Choose Flowers To Express Love On Your Wedding day

Picking flowers is the most important part of a wedding. When you know about it, the process becomes exciting and when you don’t know anything about it, it seems daunting. One needs to be updated with the basics of the flowers to decide what would suit for that big day. There are so many florists that will work to make your imaginations real but that is only possible when you are clear in your head about what you want. There are so many ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding that can make your wedding unique. Flowers have that power to make a wedding unique and equally beautiful. Let’s understand step by step the procedure of flower arrangement for your wedding:


  1. First, fix the venue and the date of the wedding – Before directly jumping to the discussion of flowers it is important that you decide the date of your big day and also the venue of the wedding functions. It will give an idea about the kind of flowers that will be available in that particular season. If the dress is finalized then it could even be more helpful to decide the flowers according to the color scheme.

  2. Find your florist – Talk to your friend or sister who recently got married. Ask her about her florist. Read reviews, search wedding magazines and take the recommendation of your close friends. Plan a meeting with shortlisted florists. Talk to them about your expectation and ask them about the expenses.

  3. Set your budget – Check your expenses and discuss with your family members about how much the expenditure they want to make on the flowers. Book a florist who is ready to provide his services in your budget. Talk to him honestly how much you are ready to spend and what are your expectations.

  4. Find inspiration – Google some real wedding photographs. Pick few of the floral arrangements that you like the most. During this process, you will develop the sense of what looks good and what not so good. Write down your flower preferences and also the style of arrangements. Share your thoughts with your florist so that he can arrange the decoration closest to your imagination.

  5. Increase your knowledge about the flowers – Try to learn as much as you can about the flowers. Take a little time to get acquainted with the most common wedding flowers. Think if you like the scented flowers or the unscented ones. This knowledge will come in handy when you are going to talk to your florist and it will make the conversation between both of you very easy and less time-consuming.

  6. Decide the flowers of the bouquet first – Your bouquet will appear in most of your wedding photographs so choose the flowers for it firstly. Once you complete deciding this then move forward to the bridesmaid bouquets, aisle markers, and centerpieces. Try to follow a color theme.

At Hollywood Flower Delivery, We all know how important a wedding day is. It’s better to complete the preparation in advance so that you can relax and enjoy your wedding without any stress.

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