Choose Birthday Flowers By Star Signs

Birthdays are special. When we were kids we used to get excited about the arrival of our bdayflowersbirthday. The party, the gifts, the pampering, everything was so nice and delightful in the childhood. But as we grew up we lost that excitement which is not something good. No matter what the age is, birthdays should always be celebrated with the same gaiety and happiness.

Flowers are the great way to show your loved one that you appreciate their presence in your life. With celestial fragrance and beautiful petals, the flowers can easily make someone happy. Sending a bunch of flowers is a very easy escape when you can’t think of any other gift. You can just take the bouquet yourself or you can send them with the help of many flower shops. When you are not satisfied with just sending flowers, try to incorporate a piece of jewelry for that special friend of yours.

Choosing flowers for birthdays is very easy but you can be little more creative with the choice of flowers. Gifting someone the flowers according to their star sign is another interesting option. Each zodiac sign is ruled by a particular gemstone, colors, and flowers. So let’s find out which flower is suitable for different zodiac sign:

  1. Aries – People born under this zodiac sign are strongly determined and are the good decision makers. They can be fiery but they are equally affectionate and passionate. Honeysuckle and Thistle is the best choice when it comes to gifting flowers to the people with Aries zodiac sign.

  2. Taurus – They are known to be stubborn but are also consider the most dependable people. Their sensuous nature can be pampered by Roses, Lilly and poppy flowers

  3. Gemini – They are the people with big imagination and are considered to have two sides. Orchids, Violets, Lilacs and tropical flowers suit them the most.

  4. Cancer – People with this zodiac sign are funny, caring and sweet. Their sensitivity can be touched by any flower having a white color which symbolizes the purity. White lily, white roses, and Morning glory go best with them.

  5. Leo – Leos are bold, confident, loyal and competitive. Sunflowers and marigold are the best gifting flowers for them.

  6. Virgo – They are highly organized and perfectionists. Their friendly and dependable nature will love Chrysanthemums, Asters, and yellow Carnations.

  7. Libra – They love justice and fairness. Daisies, Peonies, bluebells, and Hydrangeas are the best choice of flowers to gift them.

  8. Scorpio – These are the most mysterious people. They are charismatic and loyal so red geraniums, honeysuckle, and garden rose suit them the most.

  9. Sagittarius – People born under this sign are happy, cheerful and intellectual. Pink carnation, Bougainvillea, and Thistles make a good bouquet for them.

  10. Capricorn – Capricorns are hard working and highly career oriented. Pansies, Ivy flowers, Knapweed and hardy hellebores are the best pick for the Capricorns.

  11. Aquarius – They are kind and friendly. Orchids and Japanese Magnolia are the flowers of their choice.

  12. Pisces – They are very intuitive and delicate natured. Sweet peas and water Lilies are the flowers to gift them.

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