Stargazer – why it’s most popular among other lilies?

Lilies are the most loved flowers among all. They are the large and bright colored flowers. There are many different varieties of lilies. They are the ornamental flowers. There are 80 to 100 species of lilies known to us. They are mainly found in temperate areas of the northern hemisphere. Lilies are one of the oldest grown flowers. The lilies are not confined to the ornamental use only but a variety of lily known as Madonna lily was cultivated for its medicinal properties. The plant of lilies is extensively hybridized. They are grown from mid-spring to late autumn. popularflowers

There are many varieties of lilies and their colors symbolize different emotions:

  1. White Lily– It represents purity and virtue.

  2. Red Lily – It symbolizes passion.

  3. Orange Lily – It is known for pride, determination, and confidence.

  4. Yellow Lily – It represents gratitude and hope for enjoyment.

  5. Pink Lilly– It symbolizes abundance and prosperity.

Stargazer lilies are pink color lilies. They are very popular among the flower lovers. Stargazer lilies come in two different shades – one is with white petals which resemble purity, and the other one is of pink shade which has pink petals bordered with white color. The flowers are beautiful, bold and dramatic. They look fantastic when are combined with white and pink color flowers. Stargazer lilies are perennial that is one plant of stargazer lasts for three or more season. They even require little less care than other types of flowers so growing them is not much of the hassles. Florists always try to keep them in their store because of its high demand.

Stargazer is also known for its celestial fragrance. This flower is a recent addition to the lily family. This hybrid has gained the popularity which no other lily could gain. It is one of the most wanted varieties of lily. Whether it is a wedding decoration or a dinner party, these flowers will make the ambiance very pleasant. The white variety of stargazer lily symbolizes sympathy and purity. The pink variants are the symbol of wealth and prosperity.

These flowers are very easy picks for the weddings as they can easily complement the other green, blue and purple flowers. They are big in size so they can easily be combined with small flowers. They are quite large for the corsage but they can enhance the beauty of the wedding bouquet. It doesn’t matter whether you use it in the wedding bouquet or in the reception décor; they have the power to stand out. They equally work well as centerpieces. They can make your wedding a beautiful one and the most important thing is that they are not so expensive like other flowers.

The magical beauty of the stargazer is surely going to attract your gaze. Gift flowers from Flower Delivery Hollywood to the love of your life or to a person you care most in your life, these flowers will surely bring a smile on the face of the receiver.

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