Celebrate your special day with seasonal flowers

Our life is full of events that are special for us. There are few dates that we don’t want to forget like birthdays, anniversaries and many more. To make those days unforgettable we celebrate them every year. We cannot understate the importance of these days. Flowers are one of the easiest gifts that can be given to a person on that special day. Flowers make those special days more enjoyable and refreshing. Gifting flowers to a person can never go wrong because we all like flowers. Celebrations can be used as an excuse to spend a day with your loved ones. When we celebrate, we reduce our day to day stress and also energize ourselves. Celebration brings optimism and feeling of well being. Our life is full of events that hold great significance for us. There can be varied reasons for the celebrations like – childbirth, weddings, retirement, anniversaries, birthdays, promotion etc. Different people resort to different means of celebration – some like to throw a dinner party, few of them like to exchange gifts and other ones like to have fun games with their closed ones.


No matter what the reason is for your celebration, incorporating flowers in it will boost up the enjoyment and happiness. The bunch of colorful and scented flowers can de-stress the otherwise stressful life. Flowers work best as a centerpiece, a bouquet and as a decoration.

Finding suitable flowers is a headache in itself. So taking the help of a florist is the best. There are so many options to choose from. Many florists recommend using the seasonal flowers and we wonder why? Let’s find out:

  1. One of the best and most important reasons for suggesting the seasonal flowers is its price. As they grow in abundance in a particular season, they are easily available in the market and hence the low price. During the season they are grown locally but during the other days of the year, they have to be imported so the prices rise when the season ends.

  2. As they are the seasonal flowers they are easily available in the market. Their easy availability has made them the most popular choice in their particular season.

  3. When you order seasonal flowers, chances are high that they will remain fresh for many days because the weather condition and the temperature are going to suit them.

  4. By using the seasonal flowers, you can create a floral arrangement that would be more reflective of the season like Yellow for spring and blue for winters.

  • Common seasonal flowers that we can get in summers are – Amaranthus, Dahlias, Daisies, Hydrangea, Lavender and Proteas

  • Common flower varieties found in autumn – Calla Lilies, Bouvardia, Tulips, Freesias and Hyacinth

  • Flowers easily available in the winters – Anemones, Delphinium, Poppies, Helleborus, Kale and Sweetpea

  • Flowers which are easily available in spring season – Peonies, Gardenia, Jasmine, Lilac, and Lily of the valley.

Take a Professional advice of your florist and add the seasonal flowers in the decoration of your parties.

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