Wedding + Flowers: A Perfect Duo

Wedding is the most important event of our life. We all want our big day to be awesome and perfect. No two weddings are same, no matter if few couples take the same vows or dress alike, there will always a component that will make that wedding a unique one. No one can imagine a wedding without flowers. The flowers make a wedding very beautiful. A perfect combination of fragrance and colors of flowers augment the wedding moments. A girl imagines her wedding day from the day she gets young. When a wedding is on your cards, you have to be more than prepared to look presentable and beautiful.


Choosing the wedding flowers need too much of contemplating and discussions. Flowers never go out of styles. With the passing times, the florists are coming up with the new floral arrangements and styles. Your florist can suggest you to use the seasonal flowers for your wedding. These flowers not only look beautiful but they are not very expensive as well. Preparation for wedding can get chaotic if not planned properly. Make a wedding flower list where you can write down which flowers are you going to choose for the decoration, bouquet, corsage and centerpiece. This will help in keeping you within budget.

  • Bridal bouquet – The bouquet that you are going to carry with you is going to be the most important component of your wedding. It will always be with you in your pictures. Wedding bouquet enhances the natural beauty of the bride. Spending time in designing your wedding bouquet is a must.

  • Bridesmaid bouquet – Each bridesmaid is an important part of your life so your wedding ceremony cannot be completed without them. Bridesmaid bouquets are another must haves in your wedding. Follow a theme or make your own bouquet style to make your wedding a memorable one.

  • Symbolic meaning of the flowers :

  1. Calla Lily – It’s the unique choice for the wedding. It is one of the most modern flowers that one can use. It represents “Glorious beauty”. It is perfect for summer and spring weddings.

  2. Daffodils – Daffodils are beautiful and inexpensive in spring. They denotes “ Happiness and kindness”

  3. Dahlia – It represent the unending promise and commitment between the bride and the groom. These flowers can be your pick in the spring and early fall, when it is their season to bloom.

  4. Daisy- Daisies are the fantastic choice for the casual weddings. They represent innocence and the feelings of love.

  5. Freesia – Freesias look great in the bouquets and it fragrance is also very appealing. It represents trust and friendship.

  6. Gardenia – Purity and joy both are associated with the Gardenia. Its best use is in the bride’s hairs.

  7. Hydrangea – It exemplify perseverance and heartfelt emotions. The petals of flowers are tightly packed so they look superiorly beautiful. They are also moderately priced.

  8. Iris – It is France’s national emblem. It shows faith, valor and wisdom. They have been used since very old times by Greeks, Egyptian and Europeans.

Be creative and choose your flowers cautiously. You can have an unforgettable wedding with the help of these scented and beautiful flowers from Hollywood Flower Delivery.

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